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int gp_filesystem_set_file_funcs ( CameraFilesystem fs,
CameraFilesystemGetFileFunc  get_file_func,
CameraFilesystemDeleteFileFunc  del_file_func,
void *  data 

gp_filesystem_set_file_funcs: : a CameraFilesystem : the function downloading files : the function deleting files :

Tells the which functions to use for file download or file deletion. Typically, a camera driver would call this function on initialization. A function can be NULL indicating that this functionality is not supported. For example, if a camera does not support file deletion, you would supply NULL for del_file_func.

Return value: a gphoto2 error code.

Definition at line 1386 of file gphoto2-filesys.c.

References _CameraFilesystem::delete_file_func, _CameraFilesystem::file_data, and _CameraFilesystem::get_file_func.

      CHECK_NULL (fs);

      fs->delete_file_func = del_file_func;
      fs->get_file_func = get_file_func;
      fs->file_data = data;

      return (GP_OK);

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