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/* ADC-65(s) camera driver
 * Released under the GPL version 2   
 * Copyright 2001
 * Benjamin Moos
 * <benjamin@psnw.com>
 * http://www.psnw.com/~smokeserpent/code/
/* Protocol Notes

* 15 images on the camera, 1M of memory

* Command Packet structure is:
      Known commands:
      0x30 = ping (This isn't working in the gPhoto driver yet, hmmm...)
      0x00 - 0x15 = retrieve a data block (0x00 always exists and the
      Win32 client always retrieves it but it isn't used as an image. It seems
      to be calibration data for the CMOS, but I don't use this yet.)

* Ping Response Packet structure is:
      [0x15] [0x30] [0x00]

* Data transfer Packet Structure is:
      [0x15] [N1] [DATA]

      N1 = number of images + 1
      Number of data bytes = 64K


#define MAX_PICTURES    6

#define ACK       0x15

#define ADC65_DATA_FIRMWARE   0
#define ADC65_DATA_PICTURE    2

#define PICTURE_SIZE    65535

char* adc65_read_picture      (Camera *camera, int picture_number, int *size);
int   adc65_ping        (Camera *camera);
int     adc65_file_count      (Camera *);

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