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/* Protocol Notes

* PC is the host (always)

* 6 images MAXIMUM on the camera, 128k of memory

* Camera has an image counter that designates current image to do something with.
  (yes, there is better wording, but hey... :)

* ACK = 0x06, NAK = 0x15
      - No ack/nak means bad connection/faulty cable/no camera

* Camera always answers ACK to sent command

* Most COMMAND's have a matching RESPONSE

* Command Packet structure is:
      [0x02] [COMMAND] [DATA] [DATA] [...] [0x03]

* Response Packet structure is:
      [0x02] [RESPONSE] [DATA] [DATA] [...] [0x03]

* Image transfer Packet Structure is:
      [0x02] [RESPONSE] [N1] [N2] [N3] [N4] [DATA] [DATA] [...] [0x03]

      N1 = number of columns in the image
      N2 = number of black lines
      N3 = number of visible lines
      N4 = number of status bytes

      Number of data bytes = N1 * (N2 + N3) + N4

* Firmware version transfer Packet Structure is:
      [0x02] [RESPONSE] [SIZE] [CHAR] [CHAR] [...] [NULL] [0x03]

      - On error:
      [0x02] [RESPONSE] [0] [0x03]

* Camera sends response packets to host after it sends ACK.
  (NAK gets no response of course)

      - Command/Response codes
        (note: COMMAND is upper case, RESPONSE is lower case of same letter)

      CMD   CMD DATA BYTES                RESP DATA BYTES         Description
      ---     -----------------------         ---------------------   -----------------------
      A     1 (index #)             1 (0)             move to image index #
      B     2 (duration, num times)       1 (0)             beep (duration*50ms)
      E     1 (test char)                 1 (test char)           echo (test or wake up camera)
      G     1 (delay & retry flags)       1 (0, use grab image    grab image - increments counter,
                                      result for error      lower nibble = self timer delay,
                                                      upper nibble = retry numbers
      I     1 (0)                   1 (image index)         get image counter
                                                      (use reset first to get # pics)
      J     2 (value: LSB, MSB)           2 (error, value)  increment counter
                                                      (0 lets current ram be read)
      K     1 (value)               1 (error)         write rambyte
                                                      (counter incremented after)
      L     1 (0)                   1 (0)             go idle
      M     1 (0)                   hdr+pixel data+info     upload thumbnail (increments
                                                      image counter & image index)
      P     1 (new port value)            1 (old port value)      set port value
      Q     1 (video mode)                1 (0)             video mode (!!)
                                                      (requires capture card)
      R     1 (register index)            1 (register value)      read register value
                                      (error = 0xFF)
      T     2 (min, max)                  1 (0)             set exposure threshold
      U     1 (0)                   hdr+pixel data+info     upload image
      V     1 (0)                   version string          get version information
      W     2 (register index, value)     1 (0 = OK, 0xFF = ERR)  write register value
      X     1 (0)                   2 (min, max)            get exposure threshold
      Y     1 (0)                   1 (grab result code)    get grab result code
                                    0x00 = successful
                                    0x80 = memory full
                                    0x81 = failed exposure
      Z     1 (0)                   1 (0)             quit self test

* If camera is busy when command is issued, camera responds with a BUSY packet
      [0x02] [BUSY] [BUSYCODE] [0x03]

      - BUSY = '!'
      - Busy codes:
            0x20  BUSY_TIMER  camera waiting
            0x21  BUSY_EXPOSURE     waiting for exposure after grab started
            0x22  BUSY_VIDEO  camera in continuous video mode (self test)(yummy!!!!) :)
            0x23  BUSY_SHUTTER      waiting for shutter to come up
            0x24  BUSY_COMMAND      waiting for command completion
            0x25  BUSY_COUNTER      counter being reset (to nonzero value)


#define MAX_PICTURES    6

#define ACK       0x06
#define NAK       0x15

#define COMMAND_BYTE    1
#define RESPONSE_BYTE   1
#define DATA1_BYTE      2
#define DATA2_BYTE      3


#define PICTURE_SIZE(n1, n2, n3, n4)      (n1*(n2+n3)+n4)

/* Utility functions */
char* barbie_read_firmware(GPPort *port);
char* barbie_read_picture (GPPort *port, int picture_number, int get_thumbnail, int *size);
int   barbie_exchange     (GPPort *port, char *cmd, int cmd_size, char *resp, int resp_size);
int   barbie_ping         (GPPort *port);
int     barbie_file_count (GPPort *port);

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