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int gp_port_usb_find_device ( GPPort port,
int  idvendor,
int  idproduct 

Find USB device by vendor/product.

port a GPPort
idvendor USB vendor id
idproduct USB product id
Find the USB device with the specified vendor:product id pair.

a gphoto2 error code

Definition at line 769 of file gphoto2-port.c.

References CHECK_NULL, CHECK_RESULT, _GPPortOperations::find_device, GP_OK, _GPPortPrivateCore::ops, and _GPPort::pc.

Referenced by gp_camera_init().

      CHECK_NULL (port);
      CHECK_INIT (port);

      CHECK_SUPP (port, "find_device", port->pc->ops->find_device);
      CHECK_RESULT (port->pc->ops->find_device (port, idvendor, idproduct));

        return (GP_OK);

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