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Specify what event we received from the camera.

Used by gp_camera_wait_for_event() to specify what event happened on the camera. This functionality is still in development and might change.

GP_EVENT_UNKNOWN  unknown and unhandled event
GP_EVENT_TIMEOUT  timeout, no arguments
GP_EVENT_FILE_ADDED  CameraFilePath* = file path on camfs
GP_EVENT_FOLDER_ADDED  CameraFilePath* = folder on camfs

Definition at line 93 of file gphoto2-camera.h.

      GP_EVENT_UNKNOWN, /**< unknown and unhandled event */
      GP_EVENT_TIMEOUT, /**< timeout, no arguments */
      GP_EVENT_FILE_ADDED,    /**< CameraFilePath* = file path on camfs */
      GP_EVENT_FOLDER_ADDED   /**< CameraFilePath* = folder on camfs */
} CameraEventType;

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