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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
_CameraFileInfoFile information structure
_CameraFileInfoAudioFile information of an audio file
_CameraFileInfoFileFile information of a regular file
_CameraFileInfoPreviewFile information of a preview file
_CameraFilesystemThe internal camera filesystem structure
_CameraFunctionsVarious camera specific functions
_CameraStorageInformationStorage information structue
_GPPortThe GPhoto port structure
_GPPortInfoInformation about the current port
_GPPortOperationsThe port operations
_GPPortPrivateCoreInternal private libgphoto2_port data. This structure contains private data
_GPPortSettingsUnion of port settings
_GPPortSettingsDiskPort settings for the local disk (directories) port
_GPPortSettingsSerialPort settings for serial ports
_GPPortSettingsUSBPort settings for USB ports
CameraAbilitiesDescribes the properties of a specific camera
CameraFileFile structure
CameraFilePathA structure created by the capture operation
CameraTextCameraText structure used in various functions
LogFuncInternal logging function entry

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