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 * digigr8.h 
 * Header file for libgphoto2/camlibs/digigr8.  
 * Copyright (c) 2005 Theodore Kilgore <kilgota@auburn.edu>
 * Camera library support under libgphoto2.1.1 for camera(s) 
 * with chipset from Service & Quality Technologies, Taiwan. 
 * Cameras supported by this driver have Product ID 0x905C, 0x9050, or 
 * 0x913D.
 * Licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License, as part of Gphoto
 * camera support project. For a copy of the license, see the file 
 * COPYING in the main source tree of libgphoto2.

#ifndef __DIGIGR8_H__
#define __DIGIGR8_H__

#include <gphoto2/gphoto2-port.h>

struct _CameraPrivateLibrary {
      unsigned char *catalog;
      int nb_entries;
      int last_fetched_entry;
      int delete_all;
      unsigned char init_done;

int digi_reset                      (GPPort *);
int digi_init                          (GPPort *, CameraPrivateLibrary *);
int digi_rewind (GPPort *port, CameraPrivateLibrary *priv);
int digi_read_picture_data  (GPPort *, unsigned char *data, 
                                  int size, int n);

/* Those functions don't need data transfer with the camera */
int digi_get_num_frames                (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int digi_get_comp_ratio            (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int digi_get_data_size             (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int digi_get_picture_width             (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int digi_is_clip                       (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int digi_decompress (unsigned char *out_data, unsigned char *data, 
                                              int w, int h);
int digi_postprocess    (CameraPrivateLibrary *priv, 
                        int width, int height, 
                        unsigned char* rgb, int n);
int digi_delete_all     (GPPort *, CameraPrivateLibrary *priv);

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