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Public Attributes

_CameraPrivateLibrary Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int auto_exposure
int auto_flash
unsigned char avi_offset
unsigned char avitype
BayerTile bayer_tile
int block_dirty [2097152/ST2205_BLOCK_SIZE]
int block_is_present [2097152/ST2205_BLOCK_SIZE]
int block_protection_removed
int blocksize
unsigned int body_id
SPCA50xBridgeChip bridge
char * buf
char buf [L859_BUFSIZE]
unsigned long bugs
unsigned long bytes_put_away
unsigned long bytes_read_from_camera
int cached_available
int cached_capacity
int cached_disk
char * cached_drive
int cached_ready
struct CameraDesc const * cam_desc
unsigned char can_do_capture
int can_do_capture
canonCaptureSizeClass capture_size
int capture_step
unsigned char * catalog
int checkevents
int cmd_seqnum
unsigned char cmds [0xff]
int compressed
enum ax203_compression compression_version
long current_baud_rate
int current_mpeg_mode
unsigned char * data_cache
int data_offset
int data_reg_accessed
int data_reg_opened
unsigned long data_to_read
int data_used_from_block
int debug
int delete_all
int device_type
int deviceframesize
int dirty
int dirty_flash:1
int dirty_sdram:1
unsigned exposure
uint8_t * fats
char * file_list
struct file_itemfile_list
st2205_filename filenames [ST2205_MAX_NO_FILES]
struct GsmartFilefiles
struct SPCA50xFilefiles
char * filespec
int firmware_size
char firmwrev [4]
int first_init
int first_packet
SierraFlags flags
uint8_t * flash_toc
char folder [128]
int folders
enum ax203_version frame_version
int fs_loaded
int fs_start
unsigned char full
uint8_t fw_rev
unsigned char fwversion [4]
int has_4k_sectors
int height
char ident [32]
long image_b_key
long image_b_length
int image_id_long
long image_key
long image_length
Info info [2]
unsigned char init_done
struct jdec_privatejdec
int keys_locked
time_t last
unsigned char * last_fetched_data
int last_fetched_entry
int list_all_files
st2205_lookup_row lookup [3][256]
struct canonCamModelDatamd
char * mem
FILE * mem_dump
int mem_size
int memory_source
SonyModel model
Model model
SQModel model
RicohModel model
SierraModel model
unsigned char model
PDCModel model
struct _mapnamesnames
int nb_entries
int no_fats
int no_shuffles
int nrofnames
int num_fats
int num_files
int num_files_on_flash
int num_files_on_sdram
int num_images
int num_movies
int num_pics
int num_pictures
int odd_command
unsigned char offset
int orientation
char owner [32]
PTPParams params
int picture_start
int pkt_seqnum
int portspeed
unsigned char post
postproc_func * postprocessor
unsigned char psa50_eot [8]
unsigned int rand_seed
int(* read )(CameraPrivateLibrary *dev, void *buffer, int buflen)
int rec_seqnum
int receive_error
unsigned char release_params [RELEASE_PARAMS_LEN]
int remote_control
int reset_times
int secondary_image
int sector_dirty [4194304/SPI_EEPROM_SECTOR_SIZE]
int sector_is_present [4194304/SPI_EEPROM_SECTOR_SIZE]
int(* send )(CameraPrivateLibrary *dev, void *buffer, int buflen)
unsigned char seq_rx
unsigned char seq_tx
unsigned short int sequence_id
struct st2205_coord shuffle [8][ST2205_SHUFFLE_SIZE]
int size
unsigned char size_code [512]
int size_free
int size_used
int slow_send
int sonix_init_done
unsigned int speed
int speed
unsigned long speed
int storage_media_mask
int syncdatetime
char system_flags [4]
int system_flags_valid
Info table [0x4000]
long thumb_length
unsigned int timeout
unsigned long total_data_in_camera
int transfer_mode
unsigned char unknown3 [8]
up_badge_type up_type
int upload_keep_filename
int uploading
int usb_product
int width
unsigned int xfer_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 51 of file library.c.

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