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CameraFilesystemFuncs fsfuncs

Initial value:

      .file_list_func = file_list_func,
      .folder_list_func = folder_list_func,
      .get_info_func = get_info_func,
      .set_info_func = set_info_func,
      .get_file_func = get_file_func,
      .del_file_func = delete_file_func,
      .put_file_func = put_file_func,
      .delete_all_func = delete_all_func,
      .storage_info_func = storage_info_func
All filesystem accessor functions.

This should contain all filesystem accessor functions available in the camera library. Non-present fields are NULL.

Definition at line 460 of file template.c.

Referenced by camera_init().

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