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gphoto2 Directory Reference


file  gphoto2-abilities-list.h [code]
 List of supported camera models including their abilities.
file  gphoto2-camera.h [code]
 Implement Camera object representing a camera attached to the system.
file  gphoto2-context.h [code]
 Context callback operation functions.
file  gphoto2-file.h [code]
 Abstracted gphoto2 file operations.
file  gphoto2-filesys.h [code]
 Filesystem related operations and declarations.
file  gphoto2-library.h [code]
 Camery driver header.
file  gphoto2-list.h [code]
file  gphoto2-result.h [code]
file  gphoto2-setting.h [code]
file  gphoto2-version.h [code]
file  gphoto2-widget.h [code]
file  gphoto2.h [code]
 Convenience header for gphoto2.

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