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_GPPort Struct Reference

#include <gphoto2-port.h>

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Detailed Description

The GPhoto port structure.

This structure tracks the physical connection of the device. It can correspond the various methods of lowlevel access, serial usb and others and abstracts them as much as possible.

Frontends should consider this structure opaque and only use accessor functions.

Camera drivers should only access the type and pl members directly, and use accessor functions for the rest.

Definition at line 135 of file gphoto2-port.h.

Public Attributes

 Port library private data pointer.
GPPortPrivateLibrary * pl
 Camera driver private data pointer.
GPPortSettings settings
 Current port settings.
GPPortSettings settings_pending
 Settings to be committed.
int timeout
 Port timeout in milliseconds.
GPPortType type
 Actual type of this port.

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