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_CameraFunctions Struct Reference

#include <gphoto2-camera.h>

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Detailed Description

Various camera specific functions.

This structure contains various pointers to functions that apply to the camera itself, and not the filesystem (which is handled by the filesystem functions). Set the ones you want to provide, leave the rest unset.

This structure should only used by the driver itself, the frontend should use the gp_camera_xxx wrapper functions for it, who handle opening and locking around those hooks.

Definition at line 207 of file gphoto2-camera.h.

Public Attributes

CameraAboutFunc about
 A little About text, including authors and credits.
CameraCaptureFunc capture
 Remote control the camera to capture.
CameraCapturePreviewFunc capture_preview
 Preview viewfinder content.
CameraExitFunc exit
 Function called on closing the camera.
CameraGetConfigFunc get_config
 Called for requesting the configuration widgets.
CameraManualFunc manual
 Give a brief manual about any specific items a user has to know, translated.
CameraPrePostFunc post_func
 Function called after each camera operation.
CameraPrePostFunc pre_func
 Function called before each camera operation.
void * reserved1
 reserved for future use
void * reserved2
 reserved for future use
void * reserved3
 reserved for future use
void * reserved4
 reserved for future use
void * reserved5
 reserved for future use
void * reserved6
 reserved for future use
void * reserved7
 reserved for future use
CameraSetConfigFunc set_config
 Called after a configuration was changed.
CameraSummaryFunc summary
 Give a summary about the current camera status, translated.
CameraWaitForEvent wait_for_event
 Wait for a specific event from the camera.

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