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#ifndef __SQ905_H__
#define __SQ905_H__

#include <gphoto2/gphoto2-port.h>

/* A 'picture' is a single standalone picture.
 * A 'clip' is an autoshoot clip.
 * A 'frame' is a single a picture out of a clip.
 * An 'entry' corresponds to a line listed in the camera's configuration data,
 * part of which is a rudimentary allocation table (the 'catalog'). 
 * An entry, therefore, may be either a picture or a clip. 
 * We reserve the word 'file' for the user fetchable file,
 * that is, a picture or a frame.

typedef enum {
/*    SQ_MODEL_913c, */
} SQModel;

struct _CameraPrivateLibrary {
      SQModel model;
      unsigned char *catalog;
      int nb_entries;
      int last_fetched_entry;
      unsigned char *last_fetched_data;

#define ID  0xf0
#define CONFIG    0x20
#define DATA      0x30
#define CLEAR     0xa0
#define CAPTURE 0x61

int sq_access_reg                  (GPPort *, int reg);
int sq_reset                        (GPPort *);
int sq_rewind                        (GPPort *, CameraPrivateLibrary *);
int sq_init                          (GPPort *, CameraPrivateLibrary *);
int sq_read_picture_data  (GPPort *, unsigned char *data, int size);
int sq_delete_all                    (GPPort *, CameraPrivateLibrary *);

/* Those functions don't need data transfer with the camera */
int sq_get_num_frames                (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int sq_get_comp_ratio              (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int sq_get_picture_width             (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);
int sq_is_clip                       (CameraPrivateLibrary *, int entry);

sq_preprocess           (SQModel model, int comp_ratio, 
                        unsigned char is_in_clip, 
                        unsigned char *data, int w, int h);
sq_decompress           (SQModel model, unsigned char *output, unsigned char *data, 
                        int w, int h);

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