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#define DEVICE_FLAG_OGG_IS_UNKNOWN   0x00000200

The Samsung YP-T10 think Ogg files shall be sent with the "unknown" (PTP_OFC_Undefined) file type, this gives a side effect that is a combination of the iRiver Ogg Alzheimer problem (have to recognized Ogg files on file extension) and a need to report the Ogg support (the device itself does not properly claim to support it) and need to set filetype to unknown when storing Ogg files, even though they're not actually unknown. Later iRivers seem to need this flag since they do not report to support OGG even though they actually do. Often the device supports OGG in USB mass storage mode, then the firmware simply miss to declare metadata support for OGG properly.

Definition at line 156 of file device-flags.h.

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