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unsigned int gp_context_progress_start ( GPContext context,
float  target,
const char *  format,

Start progress tracking.

This function starts up a new progress tracking for a specified context. Several nested progress reports can happen at once, depending on the backend.

context The context in which to start the progress.
target The 100% value.
format A sprintf style string to print out, including the following variable arguments.

Definition at line 156 of file gphoto2-context.c.

References _GPContext::progress_func_data, and _GPContext::progress_start_func.

      va_list args;
      unsigned int id;

      if (!context)
            return (0);

      if (context->progress_start_func) {
            va_start (args, format);
            id = context->progress_start_func (context, target, format,
                              args, context->progress_func_data);
            va_end (args);
            return (id);

      return (0);

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