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typedef void(* GPLogFunc)(GPLogLevel level, const char *domain, const char *format, va_list args, void *data)

Logging function hook.

This is the function frontends can use to receive logging information from the libgphoto2 framework. It is set using gp_log_add_func() and removed using gp_log_remove_func() and will then receive the logging messages of the level specified.

level the log level of the passed message, as set by the camera driver or libgphoto2
domain the logging domain as set by the camera driver, or libgphoto2 function
format the printf style format string of the logmessage, without linefeed
args the arguments as va_list, depending on the format string
data the caller private data that was passed to gp_log_add_func()

Definition at line 62 of file gphoto2-port-log.h.

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