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This means that the PTP_OC_MTP_GetObjPropList is broken in the sense that it won't return properly formatted metadata for ALL files on the device when you request an object property list for object 0xFFFFFFFF with parameter 3 likewise set to 0xFFFFFFFF. Compare to DEVICE_FLAG_BROKEN_MTPGETOBJECTPROPLIST which only signify that it's broken when getting metadata for a SINGLE object. A typical way the implementation may be broken is that it may not return a proper count of the objects, and sometimes (like on the ZENs) objects are simply missing from the list if you use this. Sometimes it has been used incorrectly to mask bugs in the code (like handling transactions of data with size given to -1 (0xFFFFFFFFU), in that case please help us remove it now the code is fixed. Sometimes this is used because getting all the objects is just too slow and the USB transaction will time out if you use this command.

Definition at line 53 of file device-flags.h.

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