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int gp_filesystem_get_storageinfo ( CameraFilesystem fs,
CameraStorageInformation **  storageinfo,
int *  nrofstorageinfos,
GPContext context 

Get the storage information about this filesystem.

fs the filesystem
storageinfo Pointer to receive a pointer to/array of storage info items
nrofstorageinfos Pointer to receive number of array entries
context a GPContext
This function is only called from gp_camera_get_storageinfo(). You may want to make sure this information is consistent with the information on gp_camera_get_storageinfo().

Retrieves the storage information, like maximum and free space, for the specified filesystem, if supported by the device. The storage information is returned in an newly allocated array of CameraStorageInformation objects, to which the pointer pointed to by storageinfo will be set.

The variable pointed to by nrofstorageinfos will be set to the number of elements in that array.

It is the caller's responsibility to free the memory of the array.

a gphoto error code

Definition at line 2502 of file gphoto2-filesys.c.

References CHECK_NULL, GP_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED, _CameraFilesystem::info_data, and _CameraFilesystem::storage_info_func.

Referenced by gp_camera_get_storageinfo().

      CHECK_NULL (fs && storageinfo && nrofstorageinfos);
      CC (context);

      if (!fs->storage_info_func) {
            gp_context_error (context,
                  _("The filesystem doesn't support getting storage "
            return (GP_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED);
      return fs->storage_info_func (fs,
            storageinfo, nrofstorageinfos,
            fs->info_data, context);

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