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GPContextFeedback gp_context_question ( GPContext context,
const char *  format,

Ask frontend user a question.

Asks the user a question that he must answer either with "Ok" or "Cancel".

To be used by a camera driver. (So far no camera driver is using it, but this might change later.)

context a GPContext
format a sprintf format string
... variable arguments for format string
The user's answer in form of a GPContextFeedback.

Definition at line 287 of file gphoto2-context.c.

References GP_CONTEXT_FEEDBACK_OK, _GPContext::question_func, and _GPContext::question_func_data.

      GPContextFeedback feedback;
      va_list args;

      if (!context)
            return (GP_CONTEXT_FEEDBACK_OK);

      if (context->question_func) {
            va_start (args, format);
            feedback = context->question_func (context, format, args,
            va_end (args);
            return (feedback);
      } else
            return (GP_CONTEXT_FEEDBACK_OK);

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