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int gp_filesystem_set_info_noop ( CameraFilesystem fs,
const char *  folder,
CameraFileInfo  info,
GPContext context 

Store the file information in the virtual fs.

fs a CameraFilesystem
folder the foldername
info the CameraFileInfo to store
context a GPContext
In contrast to gp_filesystem_set_info, gp_filesystem_set_info_noop will only change the file information in the fs. Typically, camera drivers will use this function in case they get file information "for free" on gp_camera_capture or gp_camera_folder_list_files.

a gphoto2 error code

Definition at line 2389 of file gphoto2-filesys.c.

References CHECK_NULL, _CameraFileInfo::file, GP_OK, and _CameraFileInfoFile::name.

      CameraFilesystemFolder  *f;
      CameraFilesystemFile    *xfile;

      CHECK_NULL (fs && folder);
      CC (context);
      CA (folder, context);

      /* Search folder and file */
      CR (lookup_folder_file (fs, folder, info.file.name, &f, &xfile, context));

      memcpy (&xfile->info, &info, sizeof (CameraFileInfo));
      xfile->info_dirty = 0;
      return (GP_OK);

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