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typedef struct _CameraList CameraList

A generic list.

This structure provides a list with name:value pairs that is used in various parts of libgphoto2. Its details are internal, please use the gp_list_xxx accessor functions.

Usage pattern for CameraList for users external of libgphoto2, such as libgphoto2 frontends:

    CameraList *list;
    gp_list_new (&list);
    init_list_somehow (list);
    for (i=0; i < gp_list_count(list); i++) {
        char *name, *value;
        gp_list_get_name (list, i, &name);
        gp_list_get_name (list, i, &value);
        do_something_with (name, value);
    gp_list_free (list);

Please do NOT directly instantiate a CameraList object like this:

               CameraList foo;     // DO NOT DO THIS

Please do NOT directly access the structure members like this:

               list->entry[i].name // DO NOT DO THIS

Definition at line 66 of file gphoto2-list.h.

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